Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tijuana Christmas - A seasonal offer.

There has been a fair amount of interest in this album on this site, and the post I made about it. It's a wonder it hasn't been re-released. However I have made up a digital copy, mp3 to wav thingy. If you contact me by my e mail address, (see side bar) and leave a nice comment, I'll let you know how you can get your own CD copy. Be quick tho' as I won't be around forever...and please don't forget to leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

Great music from the big hearted Mr D - thoroughly recommend it - what a nice guy ! If you haven't had a Tijuana Christmas, you are missing out - but don't ask Mr D about his Grandfather (or the passengers)....Seasons Greetings - Grantxv

Anonymous said...

It was great to hear these tracks again.

Many thanks to Doug


Anonymous said...

Really pleased there are other people out there who enjoy Tijuana Christmas as much as my family.