Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Life on Mars

Ok, so Its really time to mention this amazing TV show, especially as the new series is about to start (as mentioned below)

Life On Mars

This is a great show, first class acting, excellent storylines, humour and genuine thriller story lines. It also has some killer lines, and it is so full of all those great 70's icons, fashions, scenery & cars, all those things that this blog has been about. Set in 1972 it tells the story of DI Sam Tyler, who after an accident ends up in a coma, that sends him back the the 1970's. In the past he teams up cops in his precinct but 30 years ago, and spends his time cracking cases and banging heads with Gene Hunt - a cop straight from The Sweeney book of crime stoppers. With a whole cast of characters and a backdrop of northern grit, the whole lot just stinks of classy research and writing. Don't miss it.

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