Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Guilty pleasure??

Guilty pleasure my arse!!

I have just received my copy of the re-issue of Electric Light Orchestra's - "Out of the Blue". I now have three copies of this album, the original vinyl (up in the attic somewhere) and 2 cd's. The new one comes with the space ship cut out and make model in the booklet, just like the original, just a pity they didnt include the lyrics on this version.
Anyway does it still stand the test of time??...well yes it does, it doesn't sound too dated considering it first saw the light of day in 1978 nearly 30 years ago!!! There are some cheesy songs in there, but each one could have been a hit single back in the day. It's not very often that an album gets released with so little filler. I'd say that maybe there's one duff cut on the whole set.

I bought this album originally in the face of the punk explosion that had just hit my part of the world, and it took pride of place alongside my Queen, Eagles, Joe Walsh, Clash, Stranglers and Adverts albums. I was never embarrassed or guilty about its inclusion in my collection then, and am not now.

I remember the day I bought it, in fact it was one of the first times I was allowed to go to "town" and went with my cousin Nick. There was this great record store in Cardiff called Sound Advice in Castle Arcade, all dark and mysterious, great logo, and one of the girls who used to serve was a real hotty by my early teenage she didnt wear a bra!!!!! Can't recall what he bought that day, but I know we bought those joke cigarettes with the talcum powder in them that gave off puffs of "smoke" when you blew through them...wasn't long before I graduated to the real thing. As we arrived at my house the miserable old sod next door took a look at the record store bag and mumbled some derogatory comment about "more of that bloody noise" cos the record player had its speakers mounted on the adjoining wall and he'd bare the full brunt when my parents were out...haha!

Old people never "get" kids do they/we??

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