Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Well, this old place needs a bit of a dust off, and a fresh lick of paint.

I haven't posted here since the snow back in February I think. Not much of a nostalgic nature seems to haunt me during the summer months...not that you'd call this piss poor excuse for a July "summer". Anyway, maybe I'll be back popping in and out in the next few weeks or so, maybe seems a shame to dump this place the way I have done so many other blogs, simply because this one is more personal and holds my memories for me to save space in my head for all this new 21st century junk.

Anyway, thought I'd post this little gem, an interview with one of my favourite writers, Gunter Grass where he discusses his autobiography, the controversy over his disclosure of SS service in the final stages of the war, and the difficulties in separating fact from fiction when looking back.


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Ed - The Music Man said...

Hiya Fellini! I note that you don't get that many comments. Maybe it is that people don't like nostalgia? My blog is about the lack of nostalgia...maybe people don't want to hear about that.

Interesting to note this interview. Thanks for the time it takes you to set it up - you know time is the one thing that we own that we can truly call ours and still give. Ed - The Music Man